Introduction to The School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

  The School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering was established on the basis of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering which was one of the earliest founded departments in Zhejiang University of Science and Technology. Based on the requirement of economic construction and society development, and from the experience of German FH, the main objective of the school is to cultivate high level applied talents with innovative spirit, practical ability and international outlook by orienting to the industry of mechanical manufacturing, automobile and its components. There are 4 departments (including Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Material Engineering, Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering), 5 research institutes (including Logistics Technology and Equipment, Auto Parts and Special Vehicle, Reverse Design and Rapid Manufacturing, Micro Optics Manufacturing, Energy Conservation and Emission reduction & New Energy Technology ) and 2 research centers (Experimental Teaching Center, Training Center). The school has developed into 5 undergraduate programs, including “Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation”, “Material Shaping and Controlling Engineering”, “Vehicle Engineering”, “Automobile Services”, “Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering”. Among them, “Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation” is selected as the first batch trial major of “Excellent Engineering Education Cultivation plan” awarded by Ministry of Education and the “12th-Five-Year-Plan” provincial key discipline. “Vehicle Engineering” is granted as the provincial-level key major. There is 1 mater’s program, “Mechanical Engineering”, which is also granted as provincial-level key major. Additionally, there are 2 national engineering practice education centers,