Guoneng Li Profesor

Guoneng Li Ph.D, Professor, Dept. Head Energy and Environment System Engineering School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering Zhejiang University of Science and Technology Exp. Center 108, Liuhe Rd. 318 Hangzhou, 310023 Email: Lab: +86-571-8507-0240 Office: Exp. Center 545, Lab: Exp. Center 541-547 1.Education & Visiting Visiting Professor, Rice University, Professor Yildiz Bayazitoglu (2013.8-2014.8) Project Officer, Technology Bureau of Wenzhou City (2010.1-2010.7) Ph.D. of Thermal Physics Engineering, Zhejiang University, Academician Kefa Cen (2004-2009) B.E. of Thermal Energy and Power Engineering in Zhejiang University (2000-2004) 2.Academic Appointment Project Reviewer of National Science Foundation of China 3.Research Interests Combustion instability in large capacity boilers Heat transfer enhancement technology Thermoelectric power generator 4.Projects under Implementation In charge of two NSF projects and one key project from the Ministry of Education (MOE) of China NSF projects focus on the heat transfer enhancement by synthetic jets, and the key project from MOE focuses on the oxy-fuel combustion instability